Learn Python The Hard Way

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Read by 1.5 million people a year to learn the basics of programming, Learn Python The Hard Way is the most successful beginner programming book on the market.

For just $29.95 you get a complete beginner programming course with 1.7GB of Video, a PDF and no ads on the web site.

What You Get

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    1.7GB of Videos, one for every
    exercise and then some.

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    Always access the content you
    purchased and download it
    for your own use offline.

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    Made for beginners who know
    nothing about programming.
    Not a book claiming to be for
    beginners but really for
    programmers. This book works,
    and will teach you the basics of
    programming better than any
    other book out there.

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    Designed to be done slowly
    and methodically, there are
    no giant leaps of confusion to
    throw you off.

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    Money back guarantee.
    As long as you don't download
    everything, if you put in the work
    and the book doesn't work for you,
    I'll give you your money back no
    questions asked.

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    No ads on the HTML version
    of the website.

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    No DRM on any of the
    content. View it and play it
    wherever you need.

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  • + @Fallow_Stone-May 5

    @lzathw After a hiatus of about....25 years! Your course got me coding again.
    Realy well structured.(Strange how much remains familliar)


  • Chris Begin @Justiciar Apr 26

    Thanks @lzsthw bought your python book today,teaching method is fantastic, wish al class were taught this way pic.twitter.com/wVUhrHEUt4

  • Amir Farhadi @ amirf147 . Apr 25

    i was always so overwhelmed with other methods of learning programming but your book really eased me into it.Thank you so much! @ lzsthw


  • Retweeted by Dan Kaminsky

    Dan Anderson @ dandersod . 30 sep 2011
    intro to programming kids are flying through @ Zedshaw ‘s “Learn python the Hard Way” What an excellent resource.


Buy Learn Python The Hard Way Now For $29.95





Still not convinced, well my book is free because I believe that everyone needs to learn the basics of programming. I want you to learn even if you can't afford to buy it from me, so I make the book  free to read online.  If you read it and like it, then please buy a copy from me or my partners so I can keep making great free content for everyone.

Buy Learn Python The Hard Way Now For $29.95