Learn Python the Hard Way 5th Edition Out!

The latest version of Learn Python the Hard Way (5th Edition) is nearly complete and ready to buy. This new version teaches even more topics focusing on the Data part of Data Science. Even if you never plan on doing Data Science the topics in the 5th Edition are incredibly useful. The 5th Edition continues the theme of assuming you know nothing, taking you through the basics of Python, then teaching you the basics of data management for Data Science.

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If you prefer Paper, PDF, or ePub then I recommend you buy it from my publisher at InformIT.com (run by Pearson). You can also sign up for the Free Support Course to receive a few key videos, get chat help, and errata for the book.

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When you buy Learn Python the Hard Way, 5th Edition directly from the author, Zed A. Shaw, you'll get access to the digital content for all 60 exercises, plus all 60+ videos that are normally sold separately. You'll also have access to direct help from Zed via Discord chat and live streams on special topics when I have time.


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